Dr. Fox and Dr. Forbing were leaders in the field of substance abuse prevention before it became “mainstream” with focus and funding from the government. They recognized that substance abuse was a critical factor in the lives of many children and they took the lead to bring effective programs to schools, parents, and communities. Their work laid the groundwork for much that has followed and their insights are still just as valuable today as they were in the early days of substance abuse prevention efforts.
— Marsha Saben Director for Californians for Drug Free Youth (www.cadfy.org)
Dr. Forbing’s work has always been collaborative in nature as she understands the importance of expertise from different perspectives. Her collaborative work with Dr. C. Lynn Fox in substance abuse prevention highlights the importance of viewing all variables affecting child development and learning. Together they have pioneered training and education of professionals in the field of substance abuse prevention.
— Bruce F. Barr, Ph.D. Sensory Processing In Learning(www.SensoryProcessingCourses.com)
Dr. Forbing and Dr. Fox have worked tirelessly in the field of substance abuse prevention for over 25 years. They develop research-based programs which use proven training methods for parents and educators.
— Lois Hodik, Hodik and Associates Program Evaluator of Project CODE and CASA's Substance Abuse Prevention Grants