Marijuana and its link to Paranoia and Psychosis

A 15-year-old boy charged with killing a high school classmate whose headless body was found near a river said in a police report made public Monday that they had gone to smoke marijuana together when he had last seen the classmate alive.

Murder and marijuana are becoming more and more synonymous with one another. With thefts leading to murder in both legal and illegal marijuana grow operations to a now growing number of murders related to sudden psychotic breaks. Matthew Borges (pictured above) is part of a rare yet growing phenomenon of seemingly normal individuals that consume marijuana and lose control resulting in violent and even deadly altercations.

At the start of the summer a similar event occurred when a Colorado man consumed a marijuana edible. He burst through the door ranting about the end of the world. He began climbing in and out of the first-floor window, lying on the bedroom floor and asking for someone to kill him. Then he retrieved a pistol from his safe and killed his terrified and confused wife. Two small boys are now being raised by grand parents as the man serves a long prison sentence.

Tragically marijuana legalization will make these types of events more common. We call on citizens to urge their local elected officials to enact local land use regulations to block drug dealing and the marijuana industry and to call on their federal representatives to restore enforcement of the Controlled Substance Act against drug dealers even in states that have "legalized" marijuana. 



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